Shinings Stars II

Shinings Stars II


Shining Stars II is a one hour program designed for the player who has a basic understanding of stroke mechanics. This player is able to move the ball around the court with intent and makes consistent solid contact.

Length of Session: 13 weeks

Duration of Session: 1 hour class


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SSII Ashford Park

a. Tuesday 3:30-4:30, b. Wednesday 3:30-4:30, c. Wednesday 4:30-5:30, d. Friday 3:30-4:30, d. Wednesday 6:00-7:00, e. Tuesday 6:00-7:00, e. Wednesday 5:30-6:30, f. Friday 4:30-5:30

SSII Lynwood Park

a. Monday 5:30-6:30, a. Wednesday 6:00-7:00, b. Tuesday 4:30-5:30, c. Tuesday 5:30-6:30, d. Friday 4:00-5:00, f. Saturday 12:00-1:00, Tuesday 5:30-6:30


Tuesday 5:45-6:45, Monday 4:00-5:00, Monday 5:30-6:30, Monday 5:00-6:00, Tuesday 3:30-4:30, Tuesday 4:30-5:30, Tuesday 5:30-6:30, Tuesday 6:00-7:00, Wednesday 3:00-4:30, Wednesday 3:30-4:30, Wednesday 4:30-5:30, Wednesday 5:30-6:30, Thursday 5:30-6:30, Thursday 6:00-7:00, Friday 4:30-5:30, Saturday 11:30-12:30, Saturday 12:00-1:00, Saturday 1:00-2:00, Saturday 4:00-5:00

  1. Mason Strang

    Angela is great with the kids and is able to give my son very helpful skills to work on.

  2. Patricia Parker

    “My two children take tennis classes with Angela Simon once a week. My husband and I had been searching for a coach for several months but were dissatisfied with our first attempts for a variety of reasons. However, Angela clicked with the kids and found a way adjust her teaching style to adapt to the level differences between them.

    The kids have been taking classes with Angela for more than a year and we couldn’t be happier. Angela pushes them both to try harder and their tennis has improved as a result. When I come to pick up the kids, I often see Angela using both playfulness and humor to engage them and keep them motivated. She’s very clear, concise and extremely knowledgeable about the game.

    Finding the right fit for your kids is extremely important to me which is why we took so long to find the right tennis instructor for them. We highly recommend not only Angela but her program Up4Tennis.
    – Particia Parker

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